Carpet Cleaning

ProTek is a company that specializes in environmentally friendly, non-toxic carpet and upholstery cleaning. The services offered by ProTek Carpet Cleaning are ideal for those who are looking for chemical free cleaning. Our process uses organic, all-natural products which are just as effective as traditional carpet cleaning.

Exterior surfaces can be very strong and resilient, but it can also be very easy to fail under direct pressure. That is why we recommend using our specialized soft washing systems for getting your exteriors clean, clear and back to new again. When your home/deck starts to get dirt ridden and moldy it not only becomes unsightly but that algae and mold could grow inward. Better to have it cleaned and treated with our soft washing system and knock it out before it starts.

Pressure Washing

Concrete is like a sponge and is very susceptible to an array of contaminants including road salt and precipitation like rain and ice. These contaminants are absorbed into the concrete and cause cracking, spalling and chipping to your property’s expensive concrete and cement surfaces.

Window Cleaning

ProTek Services is committed to using biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. 

ProTek uses pure water window cleaning, a new window cleaning technique that involves using a water-fed carbon fiber extension pole to clean the exterior of windows. Better than a squeegee, the water-fed pole uses reverse osmosis and deionized water, which leave no streaks or hard-water spots on the glass. The water-fed pole has a brush at the top to agitate the deionized water. The agitation helps to remove dirt and debris and results in streak- and spot-free clean windows.